Ghost! Busters!

When you're in the middle of writing a book, you can get very wrapped up in the characters.  For me, at least, I spend time with them, and try to imagine how they'd react to things that are happening in my life as it unspools.

The side effect of this, is that once a book is written, those characters keep living in your head, even once you're focusing on the new book.

So, when I took a day off to unwind after TravelConferenceTravelStress and saw Ghostbusters by myself, I sort of felt like I went to see it with Tabitha and Jason, I'm not sure Nathan would have wanted to go (and I'm still trying to find a solid handle on him, anyway).  But mostly, watching that movie was a flashback to Penny.

Penny would have some serious feelings about Dr. Jillian Holtzmann.  

Tabitha would have spent a lot of time worried about Dr. Erin Gilbert's outfits.

Jason would identify heavily with Kevin, and spend a lot of time afterwards hoping people don't think he's dumb.  He's probably the only person worried about Kevin's inner life.

Personally, I loved the movie.  And, much to my surprise, my favorite character was Patty.  I'm a librarian at my day job, and Patty is basically the perfect library patron - she likes what she likes, knows a lot about, reads voraciously, and is friendly. Although I'm not a public librarian, patrons like Patty make me kind of wish I were. She was great.

Overall, I feel like it was better than the original in every way, except one: the transitions between scenes weren't as effective.  The original Ghostbusters was sweeping, and never let your eyes or your brain rest between scenes.  This one had better jokes, better fake science, better characters, but the pacing felt a little stop-and-start.

Oh, and it didn't have better music.

Anyway, go see it!  Tell me what you thought.